MassExact: The World's First Gravitic Density Meter

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Providing Solutions For Many Industries


Getting an accurate density reading during dredging projects has been a challenge for many years. The MassExact is our answer to this. Accurate density measurement and percent solid data can help companies bill off of tonnage. Follow the link to learn more.

Wastewater Treatment

Measurement of waste water during processing has always been a game of hours and days. The MassExact gives a precise continuous measurement thousands of times a second. This meter can help facilities automate processes- saving time and money.


Few industries boast as many applications, sectors, and nuances while also spanning global economies. Accurate monitoring and efficiency is essential to the success of this industry and the billions who depend on it. The MassExact can give accurate density measurements, allowing companies to save money.

Introducing MassExact

The first real-time high precision specific gravity measurement instrument.

Low Maintenance

Unlike nuclear gauges, the MassExact does not require licensed and trained staff to install or use.


Created by top engineers, the MassExact promises high precision, real time results, and unmatched accuracy.


Peace of mind with 24 x 7 remote monitoring, diagnostics, and reporting.

MassExact is the preferred instrument for measuring the density of slurries.


An algorithm compensates for temperature, pressure, and noise; delivering accurate results.

Continuous, Real Time Measurements

MassExact’s PLC display box gives users real time specific gravity measurements.


MassExact is compatible with any type of flow meter. It also can be used with many different types of slurries- including abrasive or heavy slurries.